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Bollywood updates

Soma Rathod Height
31.08.2017 22:34

Soma Rathod is An Indian television actress. Soma Rathod was created on Year 1980. She's now 36 Years year old based on Her birthdate. She's body of 165 cm or 1.65 m or 5' 5" height with fat of 74 kg or 163 pounds. Soma Rathod has heartbeat step of 39. Her waist is roughly 34. And She's a hip step of 39. She's brownish colour hair. And Her attention has Dark Brown colour.

Soma born in Raipur, India and brought up in Assam & Nepal.

Soma Rathod began her acting career in 2009 by playing the use of Mircha from the TV serial Lapataganj.

Originally, she had been thin but afterwards divorced, her burden put on because of depression.

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